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Wine Box with Accessory Set

Wine Box with Accessory Set

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A natural wood wine box with wine accessories set is a stylish and functional way to store and display your wine and wine accessories. The box is usually made from high-quality natural wood, which provides a durable and elegant finish.

The four wine accessories included in the set are typically the same as those found in other wine box sets, but the natural wood box adds an extra touch of sophistication and style to the overall package. Some of the benefits of a natural wood wine box with wine accessories set include:

Aesthetic appeal: The natural wood finish gives the box a classic and timeless look that complements any décor.

Durability: Wood is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear, ensuring that the box and accessories will last for years.

Protection: The box provides protection for your wine bottles and accessories from damage and dust.

Overall, a natural wood wine box with wine accessories set is a great way to keep your wine and wine accessories organized and accessible while adding a touch of elegance to your home décor.



Care information

Wash the surface of your wooden product with soapy warm water after each use and before using the
board for another food.
After washing your wooden product, dry the surface with single use paper towels, and then let it airdry standing up or on a raised rack with airflow.
Sanitize your wooden product at least once per week by rubbing a cut lime or lemon on the surface or
spraying with a commercial sanitizer. Let sit for 1-5 min, and then rinse and dry again.
Season your wooden product with food-grade mineral oil once per month to retain moisture and
avoid cracks.
To extend the life of your wooden product avoid submerging it in water, washing it in the dishwasher,
and using vegetable oil for seasoning.
Try not to use directly sharpened objects on wood surfaces.

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