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Heart Shaped Handle Charcuterie Board

Heart Shaped Handle Charcuterie Board

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A heart-shaped handle charcuterie board made of premium walnut with 4 shot glasses is a unique and romantic serving platter that can be used to present charcuterie, cheese, fruits, nuts, and other small bites, as well as to serve drinks. The board is designed in the shape of a heart, which makes it an ideal gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or other romantic occasions.

The board is made of premium walnut wood, which is known for its durability and elegant appearance. The smooth surface of the board allows for easy arrangement and display of food items.

The four shot glasses that come with the board can be used to serve drinks or to hold small snacks, such as nuts or berries. They are typically made of glass or another clear material that allows the contents to be visible.

When using a heart-shaped charcuterie board, it's important to arrange your food items in an attractive and organized way, using a variety of textures, colors, and flavors to create an appealing display. The shot glasses can be used to add an extra element of fun and creativity to the presentation. This type of board is perfect for romantic occasions or as a unique addition to any kitchen or dining room.

This item is made to order , usually ships in 4-5 days .It is premium walnut wood , all hand made . Handles also can be customized (I have 30 different types of novelty handles ). Can come with or without shot glasses , with or without handles . Model showed is $105. Basic model without shot glasses and handles is $65. Also sizes can vary . Keep in mind , wood can have disproportions in edges, colors, all that we try is to keep the beauty of natural wood as much as we can .



Care information

Wash the surface of your wooden product with soapy warm water after each use and before using the
board for another food.
After washing your wooden product, dry the surface with single use paper towels, and then let it airdry standing up or on a raised rack with airflow.
Sanitize your wooden product at least once per week by rubbing a cut lime or lemon on the surface or
spraying with a commercial sanitizer. Let sit for 1-5 min, and then rinse and dry again.
Season your wooden product with food-grade mineral oil once per month to retain moisture and
avoid cracks.
To extend the life of your wooden product avoid submerging it in water, washing it in the dishwasher,
and using vegetable oil for seasoning.
Try not to use directly sharpened objects on wood surfaces.

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