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Handcrafted Wooden Coffee Mug

Handcrafted Wooden Coffee Mug

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These handmade coffee mugs look and feel great. The unique design of this wooden coffee mug is not just the artful look of the item, but also it provides insulation for hot drinks so that you can enjoy your coffee for a longer period of time than with an insulating paper cup. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones!



Care information

Wash the surface of your wooden product with soapy warm water after each use and before using the
board for another food.
After washing your wooden product, dry the surface with single use paper towels, and then let it airdry standing up or on a raised rack with airflow.
Sanitize your wooden product at least once per week by rubbing a cut lime or lemon on the surface or
spraying with a commercial sanitizer. Let sit for 1-5 min, and then rinse and dry again.
Season your wooden product with food-grade mineral oil once per month to retain moisture and
avoid cracks.
To extend the life of your wooden product avoid submerging it in water, washing it in the dishwasher,
and using vegetable oil for seasoning.
Try not to use directly sharpened objects on wood surfaces.

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